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Hey there! Welcome to the show. I’m your host Ryan Glen, and we’re about to have a good time!

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A single, or multiplayer word game that challenges players to find as many words as possible using the letters of a single word in just 60 seconds. See Official Rules

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What Is Unword?


"As a child, I dreamt one day of creating my own board game and hosting a TV game show; so, you can imagine how surreal this moment is! I often say, “Nothing’s impossible when you’re unstoppable.” If you put in the time, work, and believe in yourself, there is no limit to where life can take you". -Ryan Glen 

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Ryan Glen is a celebrated entertainment entrepreneur/business mogul, inventor, mobile app developer, motivational speaker, and the Founder and CEO of; an odd job marketplace where he teamed up with Priceline’s Founder Jeff Hoffman to create.


Ryan's highly rated app “UnWord,” has been downloaded in over 150 countries and used as a curriculum in schools across the US and China. He was awarded "Volunteer of the Year" by Contact Kid's Magazine and was invited to guest co-host ABC’s Good Morning America.


Ryan was honored at The White House and the United Nations Headquarters for his accomplishments and has been profiled in over four dozen features by some of the world’s most recognized TV, radio, magazine, print, and social media outlets. 

About The Host

The Making Of UnWord


David N.

“UnWord is the most addictive word game I have ever played!” 
5/5 Rating

Karen O.

"Unword is the ultimate literacy tool to support learning in a fun and engaging way.  It is innovative, engaging, and a challenging game that can scaffold word building in the classroom, home, and on the go! Every literacy educator's secret weapon!" - School Principal
5/5 Rating

Nadia W.

"Get ready for family feuds, a lot of laughter, and find out who’s the smartest wordsmith!”
5/5 Rating

Ratings & Reviews

Fun For The Whole Family

Ages 7+

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MILLIONS of word combinations for YEARS of gameplay.

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Conquer 250+
Unique Base Words

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Join the Mighty Unword Community

How Many Words Can You Find In
U N W O R D ?

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